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Savings Plans

A $50 deposit will get your passbook account opened and earning interest. No fees apply to this account.

Transactions Limitations
We restrict the number of pre-authorized transfers from this account to a maximum of six per calendar month. Pre-authorized transfers are defined to include transfers originated by: Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, Automatic Transfer Agreement, and Fax Transmission.

No withdrawals or transfers will be authorized by Check, Debit Card, and Bill Pay, or to third parties.

Christmas Club
Any deposit will get you started saving for your special Christmas. No fees apply. A maximum deposit of $3,000 will earn interest at a very special rate. Your Christmas Club check will be delivered on the first business day of November every year.

Spunky Savers Club
A $25 initial deposit will get children started out with their very own savings plan. Avon State Bank will add $5.00 to the account and give each new spunky saver a piggy bank to encourage their saving. Many other prizes can be earned at the $100, $200, $300, and $500 levels of saving. A quarterly newsletter will also be mailed to all spunky savers. Infants through 12 year olds may participate in this club account. At age 13, the account will be converted to a passbook account. A service charge of $10 may apply if the account is closed within 60 days of opening.


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